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Karen Murphy

Chief Marketing Officer

Creating meaningful connections.

Whether they know it or not, all customers are looking for an emotional reason to connect.

And the very best campaigns are based on the understanding that your words and your images need to be an extension or reflection of what your audience believes and values.

I make emotional connections for clients through strategy, positioning and writing. I use words and stories to project your brand identity and develop the strategies you need to motivate audiences to connect. My goal is to get to the heart of an organization, to uncover its nature, and spread the good news using all the channels available to reach an audience when, how and where they want.

I started my writing career as a reporter on a small town newspaper in central Florida. There, I learned that the outcome of a 5th grade baseball game or the blue ribbon winner of the best dairy cow is sometimes as important to readers as a natural disaster. Each has its purpose and value. I also learned that words move people and can forge deep emotional connections. I’ve taken those lessons with me through my 20+ year career, and I try to employ them daily.

Growing up in Eugene, Ore., as the youngest of seven children, with a Southern mom and a Northern dad, in a city of hippies and lumber, I learned that the world is an interesting place, and that possibilities can be endless. I love to explore, to learn what makes people tick, to discover the eccentricities, and the stuff that matters.

I spend my free time with my daughter, Erin, my husband, Isham, my dogs, friends and my family. There’s rarely a time when I’m not up for the next road trip, exploring and taking adventures. I also enjoy a nice walk with the dogs and time spent dreaming of writing a novel.