The Hurt Building
50 Hurt Plaza, Suite 1650
Atlanta, GA 30303


Isham Colosetti

Co-founder and Chief Strategist

You learn a lot working with clients.

One thing I've learned over the past 20 years in the design and interactive marketing field is that one-size-fits all doesn't work which actually makes me pretty happy.

I like finding solutions to challenges. My brain is wired to seek out the creative approach. When a client comes to me with a need, my innate problem-solving sensibilities go into high gear. I often find solutions and designs that people never consider. And when the project is complete, the client is happy and I've met or exceeded expectations, that's the best rush there is. I've even won a few awards along the way.

Growing up near my grandfather's home in Ohio and working in his acre garden, I learned to work with my hands, solve problems and appreciate good design. I knew from an early age that I was interested in the way things were constructed and created. As a Midwesterner, I took up the region's straightforward, friendly, easy-going approach to life. It's an attitude that mixes well with the talent, hospitality and independent spirit of the South.

My early work with start-ups such as ZAPMedia, Styletouch and FOX Interactive Media, gave me a solid foundation and the knowledge I needed to leverage new technologies and find solutions for today's businesses. When we started this agency in 2008, we began attracting clients with our fresh approach and down-to-earth understanding of digital services.

In addition to Creative Mischief, I dabble in other creative projects, including Push Press, a letterpress business that specializes in custom-made invitations and designs, and pursuing my personal hobbies of painting, illustration and competitive darts. Most recently, I've taken up fly-fishing, an ultimately addictive hobby, and married the girl of my dreams.