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Safe Harbor Yes

Helping the innocent victims of human trafficking

The Challenge

Bring state-wide education and awareness to Georgia Votes around an issue no one wanted to talk about. In the process, create a Statewide Coalition of services provides to advocate on behalf of the amendment. Finally, passage of the constitutional amendment.


It takes communities from across the state, working together, to educate Georgians about the Safe Harbor Fund and the positive impact it will have on child victims of sex trafficking. Creative Mischief worked with the SHY ballot committee to identify three main audiences, The Unaware, The Aware, and legislators.

Create a content strategy that utilized simplifed communication, direct CTA's, non-debatable statics, Multichannel Marketing, and a online marketing toolkit that empowered volunteers and advocates to help spread the word to their friends, faith community, neighbors and co-workers.


A historic 3 million voted yes for Constitutional Amendment 2, passing at 83.3%. The highest amendment passing percentage in state history. Providing an estimated $2 million annually to help the child victims of sex trafficking.

  • 643k people reached
  • Over $500k donated
  • Recognition by Jimmy Carter
  • 50k website visitors
  • 267k video views and 1,100 shares in 4 days

It is to Creative Mischief’s credit that Amendment 2 was adopted by 83.3 percent of the Georgians casting a ballot in the November 2016 General Election.  This is the largest margin by which any constitutional amendment has ever been adopted in Georgia history, including that establishing the Lottery for Education fund. .”

Ann Marchetti Mintz,
Sr. Director for Public Policy and Advocacy for
the United Way of Greater Atlanta

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