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Building value in the legal landscape through user-centered marketing


A key shift in the legal space

In today’s legal landscape, there are a number of exciting opportunities for law firms to stand out. With the evolution of legal marketing, firms are beginning to adapt and shift to a more user-centered approach that better connects with their most valued clients, setting them apart. This approach is how we deliver strategic marketing and website solutions; it’s a major shift, giving firms the edge they need to stand out from the competition.

The right perspective

A user-centered approach is about creating marketing from the perspective of how it will be most relevant and easily understood and used by your clients, rather than requiring your client to adapt to your way of thinking. Nearly all law firms organize themselves by ‘Practice’ and ‘Industry’; that system is easy to understand for lawyers, but not for all buyers of legal services. The buyer of legal services has evolved over the past 5 and 10 years. By utilizing a user-centered approach, your firm and attorneys’ information will be communicated in a way that offers greater accessibility to a wider audience that offers more relevant content. This leads to a faster validation of your firm, your attorneys, and to the three main actions that lead to the start of a relationship; “Email you, Call you, and Refer you.”

Focusing your firm

By defining your audience first, you provide your marketing team with the strategies and insights required to develop marketing campaigns that validate the firm and attract new business opportunities based on client needs and motivations. With a consultative approach focused on business goals and objectives, we enable your firm to benefit from a User-Centered approach that aligns the content of the firm to the needs of the client. Work with us and designate your firm as an innovative leader within the legal and business community.


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