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Why You Should Keep WordPress Current

Did you know that your website, much like a car, needs regular updates to keep it running smoothly, safely and in top form? Today’s technology is constantly changing and sometimes it changes so quickly and so often that you might find you are unable to keep up with your most valuable web resources, customer information and tools.

The truth is that the older your site becomes, the more updates and features you miss, and the easier it is for hackers to pinpoint and attack your website. Given that today’s websites are at the heart of most businesses, it’s a wonder that so many forgo this essential service.

The good news is that when you make the commitment to stay current through a trusted website specialist like Creative Mischief, WordPress websites reap the benefits of a constantly evolving and improving platform — and staying current means your business won’t be the one that finds itself dealing with days and weeks of downtime after an attack brings your site to a halt.

Security and Site Maintenance

Security is the number one concern for any website, and your website is at more risk for security issues if your website remains dated. Many businesses don’t know that WordPress updates specifically protect your site from being hacked, and with additional maintenance from third party specialists to ensure your site is safe, you are reducing your chances of being attacked drastically.

But security doesn’t stop with updates. Additional security monitoring may also be needed. Consider the fact that WordPress makes up about 23 percent of all websites in the world, and hackers and data thieves find it a popular target. WordPress is also open source, which makes the source code available to study for any visitor, including hackers.

“We provide additional security, locking down your WordPress site by moving the login page, while also utilizing security monitoring that alerts us when people are trying to access the site and fail,” says Isham Colosetti, Chief Strategist at Creative Mischief. “That’s one reason why so many of our clients request maintenance contracts. They would rather be safe than sorry.”

Better, Faster, More Powerful Plug-Ins

Updating and monitoring your WordPress site is half the work. When a major WordPress update becomes available, it’s important to also update all your plug-ins. When a major WordPress update hits, developers will often coordinate their plug-ins to take advantage of new features, enhancements and software. Plus, updated plug-ins will perform better and faster.

“Every time there’s an update, you have to think about your plug-ins as well. If you don’t keep them updated along with your site, your plug-ins can break, because they won’t be supported any longer,” says Colosetti.

One way to ensure your plug-ins will continue to deliver and work with your site is to avoid the lure of free plug-ins.

“One of the beauties of WordPress is that there are millions of developers building plug-ins, varying from free to pay-to-use. However, the problem with free plug-ins is that developers don’t have an incentive to keep them updated,” says Colosetti. “What we do with our work is to find solid companies that develop solid plug-ins and have a business around what they do, so that the plug-ins will be there in the future and continue to be updated.”

“We work with our clients by making the process as easy and as stress-free as possible,” Colosetti continues. “By ensuring your current plug-ins are up-to-date with WordPress and by choosing new plug-ins we know will continue to be updated in the first place, your site will run smoother, faster and deliver the experience you aim for.”

New Features and Bug Fixes

Want to ensure you’re getting the latest and the greatest? Then you’ll need to make sure your WordPress site continues consistent updates. With each major WordPress release comes new features and changes in the software. New features make your WordPress site easier to use and more useful to visitors, as an updated site performs better and faster.

On top of that, it’s pertinent to keep your site updated with the most current release because WordPress is continually looking out for bugs, and with each update comes fixes to minor bugs. Luckily, major updates tend to be stable and bug-free due to the number of people helping with testing.

“We work with our clients by constantly researching, testing and confirming we are using the most recent and applicable features that fit your site’s goal and vision.” says Colosetti. “We work to create more than just a website, but a memorable experience that will make your visitors confident in your brand, and that means a site that is both trustworthy and effective.”

The Time is Now!

If you haven’t updated your site in a while and you’re unsure of next steps and how to properly maintain your WordPress website, Creative Mischief is here to help keep your site safe, up-to-date and ready for action!

If you would like to schedule a consultation, email us today or give Chris a call at 404-477-6300 x204.