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Customized Marketing and Proposals in Seconds

How client Burr & Forman LLP cut days off response time and staff hours with an online Proposal Generator

“The Proposal Generator has saved our team time and our firm money.” – Erica K. Yates, Director of Business Development, Burr & Forman LLP

Business Challenge

Does this sound familiar? You receive a request for a proposal, members of your team begin a sort-and-pick process, contacting various departments, referencing past documents and working with graphic designers to format a firm-branded, client-worthy document that often takes days or even weeks to finalize.

This was the reality of Southeastern law firm Burr & Forman when it first contacted the Creative Mischief team for help. The firm’s proposal process was taking weeks to pull together, format and style. The effort involved multiple departments and staff resources, resulting in longer response times to clients and accruing valuable staff hours.


Burr needed a consistent solution that would turn its proposal process from a resource drain into a competitive advantage, while reinforcing its commitment to client responsiveness.

After an in-depth review of the processes, data, and content resources typically involved in proposal creation, it was clear to the Creative Mischief team that an online Proposal Generator tool would provide the responsiveness and efficiencies the firm required.

The proposed solution would allow the Burr marketing team to download content and images from its website into a pre-designed and formatted Word template. The new process would give Burr the ability to respond quickly and consistently to meet the demands of RFPs, pitches and client meetings with minimal response time. Using Word templates would give the team the additional advantage of an easy-to-use document that could be customized and personalized as needed and easily reviewed by attorneys.

Working closely with Burr’s internal marketing team, Creative Mischief built Burr’s new customized Proposal Generator tool to seamlessly integrate with the firm’s website and pull dynamic information from this single content source into customizable documents.


Burr & Forman’s new Proposal Generator is an easy-to-use, web-based tool with the consistency and flexibility the marketing team requires without any additional software.

The new tool allows the marketing department to pull together a document within seconds, offering a 90 percent ready-to-go Word document, while leveraging the firm’s website as the single source for content management.

The resulting system helps maintain and provide fresh content and images from one source into an easily shared Word document, reducing proposal generation time from days, and even weeks, to just minutes.

  • Use of the firm’s website as the main source/repository for marketing content.
  • Ability to export full documents within seconds, including:
    • Proposal sponsor
    • Service pages
    • Attorney bios (including experience)
    • Attorney face pages
    • Extended attorney listings
    • Office locations
    • Customized maps
  • Dynamic content exported to Microsoft Word templates built client-specific and directly into the system

The Proposal Generator that Creative Mischief designed and built for us has saved our team time and our firm money, says Erica K. Yates, Director of Business Development, Burr & Forman. Because of their hard work, we are now able to pull tailored materials together for clients and prospects in a matter of minutes.

“Creative Mischief took the time to sit with us and listen to, and understand, our needs. They delivered a product that met those needs making our team more efficient and allowing us to spend our time on ‘marketing’ versus gathering and formatting data.”

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