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A Quick Analysis: Is It Time to Go Mobile?

If you’re looking for a quick way to assess your website performance and to discover clues about whether NOT having a mobile site is hurting your business, Google Analytics can provide the insights. Log into your Google Analytics account and take the following steps:

  • Click on ‘Audience’ to open the submenu
  • Click the dropdown arrow beside ‘Mobile’
  • Click ‘Overview’

The following report is from one of our clients who currently does not have a mobile website (but soon will).


Analyzing the Results

  • Visits – Are a measure of all traffic to the site. Line 1 is desktop and line 2 is mobile. While mobile site traffic is growing across the internet, this client has a larger percentage of mobile traffic at 40% (mobile traffic/total traffic).
  • Pages/Visit – The mobile version delivers over 1.5 fewer pages per visitor. With the lack of a mobile navigation, visitors can’t find how to move through the site.
  • Average Visit Duration – This number correlates with the pages/visit, giving insight as to the overall effectiveness of the mobile content. Drastic differences between web and mobile could suggest a need to adjust content readability and imagery.
  • Bounce Rate – Shows how many visitors land on a page and leave without viewing any other pages. The results here show this is nearly double for mobile, directly related to visitors being presented with an unreadable web experience on a mobile device.

Looking at the client’s analytics from the previous year, we saw a trend toward an overall decrease of online traffic, and we expect this is directly related to mobile visitors not returning (as indicated by the bounce rates).

If you are turning away business simply by not providing a mobile experience, then it is time to update your site. If you need help analyzing your data, or setting up Google Analytics, we can help. If you’re looking for a mobile experience, we can build a mobile platform that extends your brand and provides your customer with a mobile experience that keeps them engaged and on your site.

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