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The Mobile Internet: Now for Everyone

Over the last year, I have been bombarded with messaging that 2014 will become the year mobile overtakes desktop browsing. Most of the conversations have been analysts and marketers trying to woo the big consumer brands into new arenas, oftentimes regurgitating the same information put out by Microsoft’s mobile research. Near field communication (NFC), mobile payments, QR Codes, may be all the rage for the big consumer brands, but why should this matter to my customers? What about customers who don’t have endless advertising budgets, who have B2B customers and who, most importantly, need real results and not just buzzwords? Why should they care about having a mobile strategy or even a mobile friendly website?

The answer came to me as my fiancé wife and I were returning from Charleston over the holidays. Both of us are extremely busy, between running a business and a family, we rarely have more than a few minutes to plan our quickly approaching wedding. Being “trapped” in the car, without distractions, gave us the time we needed to research rentals, bakers, dresses, musicians and locations. While Google provided the results, if the site was mobile un-friendly, we skipped to the next the business, set appointments and made progress. In the end, that trip jump-started our planning, and gave me a better understanding on how ALL businesses benefit from a mobile friendly experience.

Your customers, both businesses and consumers, are continually getting busier, and they are completing tasks and finding answers when and where they can. Oftentimes, it’s while they are waiting — at the mechanics, a restaurant, the airport — and less often in front of the computer.

The good news is that creating a mobile friendly website, or a responsive website, is easier than you might think with the right planning and the right resources. If you need help creating a mobile version of your website: