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A timely question for the season: Do you believe?

When thinking about your business or your current place of employment, what drives you? Believing in what you do, knowing your “why,” can be a more powerful motivator than any fact that you can present to a client or internal customer.

Facts and expertise can be claimed by any competitor. Why should a customer or a client choose you over a competitor? Your added value is the belief, passion and commitment you bring to the table.

My passion is customer satisfaction. I truly believe that from the sales process all the way through project completion, client satisfaction should be our number one goal. We want our clients to succeed and we want them to know that they are our highest priority. No matter if we are talking about a small project or major overhaul, my fundamental belief is that we should always strive to provide the absolute best service that we can.

Many of us who start our own business do so for a few reasons ā€“ we want to be our own boss, we see a need in the market and, most importantly, we believe in our product and that we can do a better job than our competitors. Tell that story of believing and future clients will listen.

  • Believe in What You Do
  • Believe in Why You Do It
  • Believe in How You Do It
  • Believe in Your Company, Your Staff and Your Clients!

What Beliefs Can Mean

I believe 100 percent in my company, staff and the way we conduct business. Iā€™m excited everyday to express those beliefs through our work, our messaging and communication with our clients. My belief in superior customer service translates to providing the best and most relevant advice we can to meet each client’s unique needs and goals. What does that mean? When a client comes in with a problem, we could say “you should do this because your competitors are doing it.” But, what service does that offer a client? None in my opinion!

Superior customer service means taking a strategic look at your client’s business purpose, business goals, business drivers, and what marks success for the project. If your client gives you a list of wants, ask the behind-the-scenes business questions. You might find items on the list that offer little or no ROI, so why not put resources into other aspects of a project or new aspects the client hasn’t considered. I believe it is my responsibility as my client’s partner to offer the absolute best marketing business advice possible. I believe in the long lasting relationships. That means we are not in business to simply do projects, but to grow relationships.

For all service-oriented companies, the best marketing and PR that you can have is the praises from a happy client.

Remember, believe in what you are doing, believe in why you do it, believe in how you do it, and believe in your company, staff, and clients.

ā€“Chris Sizemore, Managing Partner